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Carchain coin supply, how does it work?

Initial supply

The initial minting will create 10 million Carchain coins.

New coins from car tokenization

100 new Carchain coins every time a car is tokenized.

Maximum coin supply

The Carchain coin maximum supply is set on 100 million tokens.

Initial Supply

This is a fixed number of coins minted at the beginning, when deploying the smart contract.

New coins from car tokenization

Although all cars can be tokenized, Carchain aims to preserve and protect classic vehicles' history. We believe that everyone digitizing their classic vehicles on the blockchain is helping to protect an important cultural heritage. Therefore, new coins are generated after a classic car is tokenized.

The conditions that must be met to create new coins are:

Token distribution from tokenized cars.

80% Vehicle owner.

20% Carchain.

Carchain coin supply curve

The number of tokens created out of the car tokenization and records upgrade will be divided by 2 every year. Therefore Y1 - 100 tokens; Y2 - 50 tokens; Y3 - 25 tokens...

Token Usage

Although many people will acquire the token as an investment, you can use Carchain coin for the services we provide through our platforms at a discounted price. Check out here:

At present

- Marketplace advertisement

Marketplace additional services

QR code printing services.

Vehicle tokenization services.


To buy and sell cars.

To invest in cars.

To rent cars.

Additional services provided by our future partners including, maintenance services, rental, investments, parking, events, etc.